Santonio’s Gloves Fetch $70K In Online Auction

Have you ever paid $70,000 for a pair of gardening gloves? Well, one Steeler fan now has, and he better put them in a safe place so he doesn’t come home and find his wife using them to pull a few weeds.

Santonio Holmes

The very gloves Santonio Holmes wore while making one of the greatest catches in NFL history went up for auction, and while they didn’t fetch anywhere near the “buy it now” price of $1 million, they still took in a pretty good haul. The proceeds went to the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, which is a good cause. Just don’t ever let these people run your online auction.

MONDESI’S HOUSE points out that while 70 grand is a lot to keep your fingers warm, it’s not that ridiculous:

Considering the significance of the play and the popularity of the Steelers, this sounds like a reasonable price, believe it or not. Don’t forget, Todd McFarlane paid $3 million for Mark McGwire’s 70th home run ball in 1999, so this is relatively a bargain by comparison. And hopefully Santonio will never have to appear in front of Congress and simultaneously flush the value of this piece of memorabilia down the drain like McGwire’s appearance did to McFarlane’s ball.

The auction was run by cMarket, which appears to be an eBay for charity organizations. The description of this item was rather anemic (which, I guess isn’t surprising coming from a sickle cell organization). I fell asleep before I even figured out what was for sale. I’ve seen more inspired listings for VHS copies of Boat Trip. The best part? The sellers thought they needed to describe what type of gloves they were, in case they didn’t meet the lofty standards of discriminating buyers of Super Bowl-winning handwear:

These history-making gloves are made with Reebok’s Griptonite™ technology, a favorite of NFL receivers. They’re lightweight, with a seamless construction for the perfect fit.

Yes, they spent more time describing the actual gloves than describing the reason why they’re notable in the first place. Someone get that Video Professor guy on the horn, because the sickle cell people need his eBay lesson.