San Francisco MLB Team Doing All They Can To Distance Club From Giant Slugger

SF MLB CLUB DOING PLENTY TO IGNORE GIANT (SLUGGER): The WASHINGTON POST reports that with Barry Bonds due to continue his hunt to smash the all-time home run record today, the San Francisco Giants are doing everything they can to distance themselves from the inflated slugger.

Barry Bonds

Opening day festivities at AT&T Park today “will focus on the All-Star Game – with a special pregame introduction of the team’s past all-stars” and “there will be no mention of the home run chase.” The Giants opening day program will have Barry Zito on the cover and “no stories about Bonds.”

Barry Bonds Needles Costume

Giants Executive VP & COO Larry Baer explains, via a hilariously ironic quote, what the club is thinking with the moves: “We just want to have a proper sense of proportion.