Are You All Ready For The San Antonio Chargers?

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS reports that Texas Gov. Rick Perry was at San Diego Chargers practice on Wednesday as a guest of team president Dean Spanos. A story on CHARGERS.COM says that the two are “good friends” and that Spanos gave Gov. Perry a tour of the practice facility and hung out together for most of the two-hour practice. I’m sure that as a decent politician of strong moral fiber, Gov. Perry spent his time focusing on the Chargers’ nickel formation instead of this:

San Diego Chargers cheerleader

Maybe Dean Spanos and Gov. Perry really are just BFFs. Or, as PRO FOOTBALL TALK theorizes, perhaps this is part of the courtship process in trying to lure the Chargers to a Texas city - specifically, San Antonio.

After all, the Chargers have been very publicly unhappy with their situation at Qualcomm Stadium, and San Antonio has a football stadium just waiting for an NFL team. Plus, there’s almost no chance of a game being postponed because of wildfires.

As someone who lives in LA, I have this to say to any San Antonians excited about getting the Chargers - don’t hold your breath. I’ve seen enough “Chargers moving to LA” rumors to know that this is, in all likelihood, just a bit of showmanship done by Spanos, in order to scare San Diego’s civic leaders into getting what they want. In the rest of the world, it’s called “blackmail”, but in sports it’s called “exploring other options.”

Plus, San Antonio already had major professional football, and look how that turned out! I mean, if you can only draw 15,000 a game to the action-packed, 110-yard excitement that is the CFL, how can you possibly expect to put butts in seats for an NFL team?

The bottom line is that there is no way the NFL lets the Chargers move to San Antonio. They already have two teams in Texas, and the Chargers leaving San Diego is tantamount to waiving a white flag and abandoning the Southern California market. And I think that Jerry Jones might threaten to pull out of the NFL and start his own league if the Chargers as much as point a Mayflower moving van towards San Antonio.

Let’s all hope this doesn’t happen in our lifetime - I don’t know if my stomach can handle the “San Antonio Gates” puns by Chris Berman with every Chargers highlight if it does.