Salvation Army Stadium: Home Of The Cowboys

With the Dallas Cowboys getting set to play in a brand new stadium next season, there are still a few finishing touches that need to be put on the joint. Primarily the fact that we still have no idea what to call the place. The working title is New Cowboys Stadium, but let’s be blunt, that’s probably not going to work in 15 years.

The closer we get to the stadium opening, however, the more likely it becomes that Jerry Jones won’t be able to find a long-term corporate sponsor to name the stadium after, thanks to this lovely little recession we’re having. Still, every stadium needs a name, and that’s why the DALLAS MORNING NEWS has a suggestion for Jerry. How about Salvation Army Stadium?

Here’s how it would work: Jones and the Cowboys would announce that the stadium will be known as Salvation Army Stadium for 12 to 8 months (basically, until the run up to the Super Bowl). Cost to the national nonprofit group: Zero. When a corporate partner comes along with wind in its sails, it will agree to pay the Salvation Army a “buyout” payment of, oh, a million bucks.

This would actually be a great deal for everybody involved. The Salvation Army would get a ton of free publicity, and Jerry Jones would look like a great person. The Jones family has already worked with the Salvation Army for years, so the relationship is there, and this could easily work.

Plus, think of the great marketing possibilities here. Couldn’t the Cowboys open up a Salvation Army store within the stadium? There you could buy “second-hand” game-used jerseys from actual players or even some of T.O.’s old clothes that he doesn’t wear anymore.

Lord knows there has to be about 300 practice t-shirts Bill Parcells wore just sitting around, and even though they’re a bit stretched out in the mid-section, they’re still good. I hope that Jones says yes to this because it would set a nice precedent for future naming rights deals, and plus, now that the idea has been proposed, if he were to turn down the idea he’d kind of look like even more of a greedy bastard.

So, truly, everybody wins here.