Salisbury08 Features Wild Mood Swing Mode Game Play

SALISBURY 08 HAS WILD MOOD SWING-MODE GAME PLAY! While all of you waste your time on something called MADDEN 08, we can hardly wait to sidle up to the sidewalk bin outside our local Odd Lots (Pacoima?) to get our mitts on SALISBURY 08.

Salisbury 08

JOE SPORTS FAN kept us going before the big release today, with all their the sneaks and leaks about the game showcasing the Sergeant At Arms of the Internet appreciation society.

Sean Salisbury No Internet

Why take SALISBURY 08 over its better known counterpart? Simple, does Madden have “wild mood swing” game play, or the ability to put players in one-hour-of-sleep deprivation mode? Not to mention the ever popular coach ass-kiss feature that can help your favorite player get the nod off the bench?

Salisbury 08

So kudos to the discriminating football fans among us. We think we know which game opens up a Brave New World of football reality into our darkened, empty, Funions bags-strewn basement compound.