Sainz Defends Manner Of Dress In Covering Jets

Christine Brennan of USA TODAY reports Sunday on the alleged behavior by the New York Jets in their treatment of TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz.

Ines Sainz Posts Photo Defending Her Manner Of Dress While Cover Jets

(Sainz posted the above photo today in response to her alleged harassment)

Brennan has a complete roundup of the situation, which includes a Sunday morning NEW YORK POST report that Jets Coach Rex Ryan on Saturday during a team practice directed assistant coach Dennis Thurman to deliberately conduct a passing drill near Sainz. Sainz was also allegedly harassed in the Jets locker room by team members.

Sainz, who was at the practice to interview Mark Sanchez, wrote of the incident on her Twitter account in Spanish Saturday morning:

“I die of embarrassment! I am in the locker room of the Jets waiting for Mark Sanchez while trying not to look to anywhere!”

The Jets have since released a statement reporting that an investigation is underway into the behavior of Jets coaches and players around Sainz.

Sainz is well-known in sports media circles for dressing in what some might consider a provocative fashion while covering major sporting events like the Super Bowl and World Cup. She took to her Twitter account Sunday to defend herself in that regard.

In one Twitter post, she uploaded a photo to show her manner of dress while she was covering Jets practice. Along with the photo, she wrote in Spanish:

Algunos medios aseguran que iba inapropiadamente vestida con los Jets! Exactamente estaba asi! (Some people say I was dressed inappropriately when covering the Jets, but i was dressed exactly like this!)

In a followup Twitter post, she wrote in Spanish:

Unos jeans y una camisa blanca de botones con unas botas no tienen nada de inapropiado! (Some jeans and a button down white shirt, and boots is not inappropriate!)

Sainz has worn similar outfits to cover the Super Bowl and the World Cup.

It goes without saying that if any person is granted a press credential and is a working member of the media, which Sainz is, they should be treated the same as all other media regardless of dress.

Brennan also provided this comment to me on the issue:

“It’s really unbelievable that we’re having this conversation in 2010, isn’t it? The NFL and the Jets say they are investigating. I look forward to¬† hearing what happened, and I hope that’s soon. Any harassment of any credentialed reporter is absolutely unacceptable.”

Completely agree.

If Ryan and some other members of the Jets did in fact treat her inappropriately, they should be sanctioned by the team and league.