Saints Player Tweets, Then Deletes About DUI

New Orleans Saints player Bobby McCray addressed his Tuesday 4:30am DUI arrest by disputing the charge on his Twitter account today:

Bobby McCray Tweets About DWI Arrest

(Tweets recorded by Jaguars beat reporter Michael C. Smith)

McCray said in the Tweets he was pulled over for doing 80 MPH in a 60 MPH zone and that his wife was feeding him pizza as he drove: “Trying to deal with this bogus charge of DWP..driving with Pizza.

McCray also accused the arresting officer of a “Napolean complex.” McCray Tweeted that the officer became upset when the Saints player asked him why he had to get out of the car on a routine traffic stop.

After McCray’s Tweets, the player not only deleted the entries but removed his entire Twitter account.

Perhaps McCray realized, or more likely his legal counsel, that his remarks on Twitter could be used against him in his upcoming court proceeding.