Sager Finally Clowns Someone Else: Stoudemire

After Lamar Odom scored 19 points and grabbed 19 rebounds in the Lakers’ Game 1 Western Conference Finals win over the Suns 128-107 Monday, Amare Stoudemire said of Odom’s performance, “He had a lucky game in Game 1.”

Wednesday’s Game 2 saw OdomĀ  score 17 points with 11 rebounds, four assists and three steals as the Lakers won 124-112 to take a 2-0 lead in the series. After the game, circus-suited Craig Sager cornered Stoudemire about his earlier, unfortunate choice of words.

Sager: “Do you regret those (Odom was lucky) comments?

Stoudemire: “I never regret my comments. Never … But he (Odom) played well tonight.

Sager: “Were they (Lakers) lucky to win the first two games here?

Stoudemire: “No, they played great basketball on both ends. They deserved to win both games.”

That’s almost as insulting as implying that Stoudemire made the ridiculous comment because his mother got arrested earlier in the day.

Oh, wait.

Unfortunately, I was unable to reach the Lakers for comment, so I thought this might suffice: