Sad Day As Harry Kalas, Mark Fidrych Pass Away

• Another sad day for MLB fans. Legendary Phillies announcer Harry Kalas dies after collapsing in the broadcast booth before a game vs. the Nats.

Harry Kalas Mark Fidrych

And former Tigers pitcher Mark “The Bird” Fidrych dies while working underneath his pickup truck at his Massachusetts home.

Brian Bosworth: From Hollywood Harley DUI laughingstock, to home state hero after saving man’s life by performing CPR.

• Another dead goat is found hanging outside Wrigley Field. If it didn’t work in 2007, why would it work now?

Smokin’ Joe Frazier says God gave Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s disease.

• Masters winner Angel Cabrera owes his success to chewing gum.

• A former Duke b-ball waterboy is making mucho moolah in Wall Street.

• Too bad he already bought a Manhattan combo. He could have easily spent $15 million to become CC Sabathia’s new New Jersey neighbor.

• A blind hitting coach makes his case to be the “Horsehide Whisperer“.

Manny Ramirez wouldn’t mind finishing his career in Cleveland.

• There’s plenty of horsing around when it comes to equine hairstyling.