Sacramento Mayoral Primary Turns Nasty for KJ

The Sacramento, CA, mayoral race has finally crossed the line from nasty to vindictive this week as the primary approaches June 3rd. Incumbent mayor and leading candidate Heather Fargo has asked the Sacramento police chief to reopen the sexual misconduct case against candidate and former NBA player Kevin Johnson.

Of course, Mayor Fargo wants us to know that the request has nothing to do with the mayoral race. Total coincidence. Unfortunately for her, the police work for the Sacramento city manager and not her, so all she can do is constantly bring up the 2007 allegation from a 17-year-old Sacramento girl (since recanted and dropped) to keep the sexual predator legacy alive.

No Way KJ - Kevin Johnson, set up by Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 447’s PAC, also doesn’t exactly place Kevin Johnson in a fine light. Neither were black leaders, who didn’t care much for the mailers that announced the Web site. Fargo totally didn’t have anything to do with that, though. She’s happy to let them keep at it, though, without interruption.

So what would Heather Fargo like you to avoid hearing about her over the din about Johnson?

Certainly, electing a pervert would be worse than electing someone that undertook 25 fact-finding trips since October 2005, nearly all for climate change conferences (which had quite the impact on the environment). (Thought experiment: how much effect on climate pollution do you think the mayor of Sacramento can have?) Vote Fargo; she travels more than KJ ever did!

Also, her multiple sclerosis didn’t hinder her ability to travel to those conferences, so you can’t hold that against her.

And whatever you do, don’t ask about her record as mayor on education, crime, K Street development, etc. Thankfully, no one else will; those aren’t campaign issues. They’re mayoral issues.

(Note: We are not endorsing any candidate. We do not know if Mayor Fargo’s MS has any bearing on her ability to serve. We certainly are not qualified to discuss the accusation against Johnson that Fargo would like pursued again at an oddly opportune time. We are, however, wondering when all the candidates will don the “brass knuckles”. After all, Dennis Rodman never fouled like this.)