Saban Swears He Wants A Good Crowd Vs. MSU

This Saturday night, #1 Alabama is expected to roll over Mississippi State when the 3-6 Bulldogs come a-callin’ to Bryant-Denny Stadium. Should be a cake walk, right? Well, Sylvester Croom’s boys have beaten ‘Bama the past two seasons. But that’s in the past, and it’s the Crimson Tide’s destiny to reach the BCS championship. So no need to get all worked up over MSU.

Nick Saban

Just don’t tell that to Nick Saban. During the coach’s call-in show Thursday night, Nick got a bit fired up when discussing this weekend’s game. No matter who the opponent, he swears the Crimson Tide crowd better be out there in full force.

Really, he swears. (Video after the jump)

(Clip courtesy BAMA SPORTS REPORT. Good stuff starts around 2:45.)

As part of his “Last Comment” on the show, Saban shared these thoughts:

“Just like all the rest of you people out there, ‘On paper, we should beat Mississippi State.’ Well, I’m gonna tell you what. Our team worked their tail off for about 20 weeks now, alright, to get to where they are right now. Not just 20 weeks, from all the way last year at the bowl game.

“They’re tired, they’re sore, they’re beat up, alright, they’ve played in hostile environments, they’ve done all that you can ask them to do in terms of being competitors in what they do.

“If our stadium on Saturday, I don’t give a sh*t who we’re playing, it better be what it oughta be, for what these guys have done! I’m just telling ya, it oughta be that! You oughta do it for them. It ain’t waiting for the next game, how about right now? Because our crowd should have an affect on this game, for our players and our team for what they’ve done. It’s just showing appreciation for what they’ve done.

“Now, you wanna know how I feel about it? That’s how I feel about it!”

Sounds like if Saturday’s game isn’t a sellout, heads will roll. (Roll Tide!) And Saban should be expecting a call from the FCC at any moment.