Saban Supports Stabler, Local News Does Not

In the fallout of former Alabama quarterback Kenny Stabler’s latest DUI, some of the folks in Tuscaloosa are taking sides.

Kenny Stabler Oakland Raiders Arrested

Current Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban supports Stabler. However, the people in the local media are not, and are trying to get dashboard-camera footage Stabler’s arrest.

Saban hopes that the University of Alabama will show leniency toward Stabler, who is in the school’s employ as a color analyst for the football team’s radio broadcasts. From THE BIRMINGHAM NEWS:

“We support Kenny…He’s a good guy, I love him, and I want him to be here…He does a great job on our broadcasts, and we’re hopeful that this doesn’t have a negative effect on his future with our organization.”

Saban noted that he expects Stabler to fight the charges.

Conversely, the local media are acting cooperatively to gain access to the dash-cam tapes from the arrest. And it’s pretty obvious why. From WKRG.COM:

[WKRG] and eight other media outlets are pursuing legal action against the Robertsdale Police Department and city attorney Ken Raines. Our station attorneys sent Police Chief Brad Kendrick and Raines a three-page letter urging them to release dash cam video of Kenny Stabler’s recent D.U.I. arrest.

The legal letter reminds the city of Robertsdale that state law and constitutional rights allow the media access to public information…information like the dash cam video.

Raines has refused to return our phone calls since Stabler was arrested. News 5 did some digging and found out that Raines is no stranger to Stabler. Raines represented the former Crimson Tide star when he was arrested on D.U.I charges in Orange Beach back in 2001.

On Thursday, Raines recused himself from prosecuting Stabler but still ordered the police department not to release the video. Also on Thursday, Robertsdale Judge Julian Brackin ordered all evidence in the Stabler case sealed until the “Snake’s” trial in August.

Those glory days at Alabama sure go a long way. You’d suspect that 3 DUIs in 13 years would be enough to give you a different impression of a guy. It certainly doesn’t seem to be. At this rate, they’ll probably enter him into the next race at Talladega.