Saban: I’ll “Turn In” Recruit For Choosing Ole Miss

There are a few things that you can be absolutely certain of without requiring constant reassurances: The Sun will rise in the East and set in the West; Gravity is keeping people in Australia from falling off the bottom of the Earth; And Alabama coach Nick Saban is a huge jerk. Whether it’s comparing a football loss to the Pearl Harbor attacks & 9-11, using a webcam to skirt NCAA rules, or just being a bald-faced lair, we hardly need more proof to know that Saban is pretty much morally reprehensible.

Nick Saban

But if you do need more proof, here you go: DEEP SOUTH SPORTS reports that one of Ole Miss’ top recruits, offensive lineman Bobby Massie, was asked at a Rebels practice to give a good Nick Saban recruiting story. (Massie almost went to Tuscaloosa before choosing Oxford.) And boy, did he tell a whopper of a tale:

He was asked to give a good Nick Saban recruiting story, and he had a pretty good one to say the least. Bobby said he called Coach Saban the night before signing day to let him know that he was going to sign with Ole Miss. Bobby did not even inform the Ole Miss staff that he was going to be a Rebel until the night before signing day, per Bobby, but he did say, “I had a pretty good idea where I was going in December.”

Anyway, Bobby calls Nick and Coach Saban stops him before he tells where he is going and said this, “Bobby, do not even tell me where you are going, because if you are not going to Alabama I am turning you into the NCAA. You know you have a chance to start at Alabama at right tackle as a sophomore, and nobody would turn that down unless they did something illegal.”

Bobby was stunned. He said he just listened to Coach Saban rant and never said another word about it. He was offended to say the least. That is why he made such a scene at the press conference when he threw the Alabama hat on the ground and put on an Ole Miss hat.

I’m glad to see that Saban learned some humility after the Crimson Tide got their clocks cleaned by Utah in the Sugar Bowl to end last season. But seriously - how could someone turn down a chance to become a starter at Alabama within two to three years? If Saban had said that Massie had a “real good chance” of starting by his senior year and he still turned him down, that would have been unquestionable proof that Ole Miss was delivering bags of cash to his door.

I’m guessing the NCAA is hardly waiting with bated breath for a phone call from Saban.