Nick Saban Drops S-Bomb On Live Alabama Radio

UPDATE: Matt Hinton of YAHOO SPORTS’ Dr. Saturday informs me that the clip is from before last year’s Bama-Mississippi State game.

I was sent some audio from Nick Saban’s weekly radio call-in show with Eli Gold. Not sure if his s-bomb went out on-air but if it did, I’m sure Saban will be able to plead the FCC down to a secondary violation.

(Nick Saban: Wordsmith)

Gold is pictured high-fiving Saban, apparently inspired by the coach’s carefree excrement reference, affirmed with about two dozen ‘a’ights?’

Audio after the jump.

I used to host a similar show when Sparky Woods was the head football coach at South Carolina. It was exactly the same as the Saban show, minus the fans. And listeners.