Ryder Cup Captain Pavin’s Wife’s Sexy Mag Cover

At the PGA Championship three weeks ago in Wisconsin, Ryder Cup Captain Corey Pavin and reporter Jim Gray had an ugly confrontation in the media room over comments Gray claimed Pavin had previously made to him about Tiger Woods.

Lisa Pavin Magazine Cover

(Lisa Pavin already straightening the iron play of plenty of U.S. golfers)

It was during that nose-to-nose that we were introduced to Pavin’s wife Lisa.

From GOLF DIGEST account of the incident:

Gray confronted Pavin immediately following the press conference and not only angrily wagged a finger in the captain’s face, but also put his hand in the face of Pavin’s wife, Lisa. Pavin grabbed Gray’s wrist and moved it away. Said Pavin: “He got upset, and his eyes were a little odd, and he put his hand in front of my wife, Lisa, and I just took his hand and moved it away and said, ‘That’s my wife. You keep your hand away from her.’ He got a little crazy.”

It was later reported that Lisa Pavin recorded the conversation between the two - a recording that included videotape and may now explain why Gray was holding up a hand in her direction.

Corey and Lisa Pavin

Today the magazine Avid Golfer unveiled the above cover photo of Lisa along with a lengthy profile piece on her. If she looks quite a bit younger than Corey, it’s because she is. 14 years his junior. The couple married in 2002 when he was 42 and she was 28.

From the Avid profile on how the couple met:

Back in 2000, Corey and his then-wife, Shannon, were looking for someone to help them out with their daily lives. Noss introduced the Pavins to Lisa, who had aspirations of starting her own Personal Assistant boutique firm. Lisa struck out on the job front after that meeting, but she did make quite an impression on Corey.

That year turned out to be a difficult one for Corey. His game was in shambles. He divorced from his wife and separated from his two sons, Ryan and Austin. And his relationship with his extended family deteriorated.

Soon after his divorce, Pavin hired Lisa as his personal assistant. Three months later, they became romantically involved.

“I was Corey’s personal assistant when we went on our first date, so having that date was sort of a blending in-type thing,” she said. “The two things I remember about it – he talked non-stop about the Ryder Cup and I remember asking him if he was going to finish his food because if not I was going to eat it. We shared more personable things about our lives on that date than we had previously while working together.”

The couple got engaged in January 2002, and tied the knot exactly one year later.

Lisa Pavin’s outgoing personality and constant shadowing of her husband has been off-putting to some of the golf media, who is generally used to most player wives remaining in the background. But as we found out during the Jim Gray episode, Corey isn’t shy about including Lisa on the same professional stage.

I can’t think of too many PGA Tour players who would want their wife seen in such a provocative pose for a magazine, let alone a month before the player was due to captain the Ryder Cup.

But seeing as the photo is relatively tame, maybe it loosen up the same staid PGA that’s forever lamenting its game’s seeming inability to appeal more to fans.