Ryan Leaf Still Teeing Off - As College Golf Coach

With the NFL Draft only weeks away, the subject of big-time busts will likely come up. And no pick flopped as fabulously as Ryan Leaf. (You can’t spell “failed leader” without “l-e-a-f”.)

Ryan Leaf Chargers West Texas A&M

So, Matt Mosley of ESPN’s HASHMARKS went to track down the former Charger in charge, and found that he’s alive and well in Texas, coaching college football - and college golf.

Mosley explained that Ryan was “exceedingly gracious” in their 45-minute phone interview, and the once-soured San Diego QB is happy where he’s at - as quarterbacks coach for the West Texas A&M Buffaloes.

During the gridiron offseason, the school keeps Leaf busy as coach of the men’s golf team - and as the team’s driver, as he often navigates a 15-passenger bus to golf tournaments. Swinging at a small college outside of Amarillo seems to suit him just fine:

“It’s a different experience. I don’t know if I was ever meant to have that flashy lifestyle.”

But Mosley reveals that Leaf doesn’t want to roam with the Buffaloes forever, as he apparently wants to ultimately move back to his home state of Montana and become a college head coach. (We’re guessing football, since he’s already a leader on the collegiate links. But you never know.)

So, a few years removed from the harsh NFL spotlight, it looks like Ryan has turned over a new Lea …. no, sorry, I just can’t use that pun.

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