Blog-A-Roni: Ryan Howard Looking Good In Tights

• BUGS & CRANKS caputres Ryan Howard looking good in red tights.

Ryan Howard video game motion suit

• SLATE tries to help the church out by finding loopholes in the NFL’s Super Bowl party policy.

• Keeping with the Big Game, THE WORLD OF ISAAC scrapes together some last-minute predictions from some of your old favorites.

• FAN IQ’s 100% INJURY RATE keeps their mouths shut, so they don’t make their own unreliable sports guarantees.

Nick Saban Dolphins

• GIRLS & SPORTS draws up their year in review.

• This weekend’s expected Super Bowl blowout has Will Leitch spending his SPORTING NEWS column reminiscing about the ’90s.

• Speaking of the previous decade, THE LEGEND OF CECILIO GUANTE also looks back to admire these snazzy Buffalo Bills posters:

Machine Gun Jim Kelly poster

Like Machine Gun (Jim) Kelly. Classic.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING learns a new medical term courtesy of Reggie Miller - “man region“.

• THE NAUGHTY AMERICAN wonders if athletes’ play in the sack really affects their play on the field (link NFSW).

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