FAIL Alert: RU’s Schiano “Overestimated Talent”

Following a 1-4 start that has Scarlet Knights fans hearkening back to the good ol’ days, Rutgers coach Greg Schiano thinks pretty much everything may be holding them back. Coaching, talent, luck, graduation timelines, the NFL, halftime adjustments, and even confidence.

Greg Schiano

 (Don’t worry, SUNJ fans; the last couple years were an aberration)


“Probably, maybe I overestimated a little bit,” Schiano said of the current team’s talent level, compared to those of seasons past. “Probably we haven’t played at some veteran positions as well as we’re capable of. “

And probably we haven’t coached as well as we’ve needed to. So when you add those three things up — maybe one area on one day and one area on another play — the result is where we are.”

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“We’re missing some players that are playing on NFL rosters,” he said Sunday. “I don’t think you can ever discount that talent. We have talented guys, but they’re young. We have not replaced what we’ve lost the last two years.”

“I don’t think you can pin it on their ability to grasp what we’re teaching or on the coaches’ part, I think it’s all of the above,” he said. “I think we probably haven’t taught quite well enough. Maybe they’re not quite as talented as maybe I thought. There are several different things. Maybe confidence.

The motive behind this vast double-wing conspiracy of  fatal ineptitude to bring down the Scarlet Knight juggernaut has yet to be uncovered, but clearly Schiano recognizes that if everything the team does is wrong, then the exact opposite must be right. Look for the entire Rutgers team to run onto the field for its next game ensconced in velvet.