Russell Crowe Shows Up in Monday Night Football Booth

COLTS SAFETY SCORE INTERRUPTS RUSSELL CROWE CHAT: Russell Crowe paid a visit to the “Monday Night Football” booth last evening. But in the process, the Aussie actor may have added a new enemy on his list - Dwight Freeney:

Russell Crowe Tony Kornheiser

As Jacksonville faced Indianapolis, Crowe showed up at Alltel Stadium to chat with Mike Tirico, Tony Kornheiser and Ron Jaworski. Decked out in South Sydney Rabbitohs apparel, Crowe mumbled…er, talked about his rugby team to the enraptured ESPN trio.

But before the short-tempered star could get very far, Freeney dared to interrupt the conversation by sacking backup Jaguars QB Quinn Gray in the end zone, notching 2 points for the Colts.

Dwight Freeney sack Colts

So, instead of fawning over Russell, the broadcast team spent their time talking about the safety just scored. And before Crowe could continue crowing, the show went to commercial.

Dwight better watch his back next time he’s in a Sydney pub, although we’re sure he’d have no problem kicking Crowe’s keyster.

Anyway, the star’s stopover turned out to be a short one, as he quickly shilled for his new upcoming movie “American Gangster”.

He also advertised an exhibition rubgy match his Rabbitohs would be taking part in. Their contest against the Leeds Rhinos of the UK will be held January 26 in Jacksonville, a week before the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XXXIX Jacksonville

Um, shouldn’t someone notify Russell that he’s a few years too late?