Running Back Tackled By Hair; Dread Pulled Out

The NEWARK STAR-LEDGER, via the underrated COLLEGE FOOTBALL TALK, today follows up on a gruesome tackle endured last night by Rutgers running back Jourdan Brooks against Louisville.

Rutgers Player Jourdan Brooks Tackled By His Hair

During his 62-yard run in the first half, Brooks was yanked down by Louisville defender Travis Norton — after 10 yards, by his hair. After he trotted back to the sidelines, television cameras caught a strand of Brooks’ dreadlocks on the field.

Video after the jump.

There was no penalty on the play as what Norton did was perfectly legal. As Troy Polamalu of the NFL’s Steelers knows, dangling hair is considered fair game for would-be tacklers.

So will Brooks cut his hair after losing out on a possible long TD scamper?

Brooks — who rushed for 126 yards on 11 carries and a touchdown — wasn’t upset about losing a strand of hair however. Nor did he say that the tackle will convince him to cut it. What he was most upset about was not getting into the endzone.

So he was upset he didn’t score, but doesn’t want to do anything about the reason he was tackled? That’s like lamenting lung cancer but continuing to drag on American Spirits all the live long day.