Runners To Take The Browns To The Super Bowl

The New York City Marathon is tomorrow, which means there’s an awful lot of carbo-loading going on as we speak. But all that pasta has to go somewhere. Enter A Royal Flush, which will provide 2,250 port-a-potties for 39,000 runners.


“It’s not a glamorous business,” company president Bill Malone told the NEW YORK TIMES as he oversaw the placement of 1,660 “portable restrooms” near the race’s start in Staten Island. Without them the runners would go just anywhere, and make Staten Island smell…well, pretty much the same. (Get the straight poop, after the jump.)

The marathon represents the third-largest annual assemblage of portable toilets in the country, behind the Rose Bowl college football game and parade and the motorcycle rally in Sturgis, S.D. Placed side by side, the 4-foot-wide toilets would stretch 1.7 miles.

The portajohns will be located every mile along 26.2 mile course, out of view of television cameras. Not that the runners would mind:

Marathoners are not known for shyness. Many feel the urge and stop on the bridge soon after crossing the starting line. There are no toilets on the bridge, so they just move to the edge.

“We don’t encourage that,” said Peter Ciaccia, the race’s technical director. “Especially on a windy day.”

Sometimes there just isn’t time to make it to a proper bathroom. Race favorite Paula Radcliffe, en route to winning the 2005 London Marathon, made an unscheduled pit stop, dropping a deuce in front of hundreds of spectators.

Paula Radcliffe

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