Marathoner: “I Can Live a Good Life Without Toes”

We told you it was cold in Wisconsin last weekend - so cold it turns out, that an Iowa runner is about to lose some body parts.

Otter Pops

The ASSOCIATED PRESS has the chilling news that 27-year-old Andrew Wells fell victim to frostbite during a day-long run in the Frozen Otter Ultra Trek. As a result, he’ll have to have some appendages amputated.

Despite temperatures dipping to 15 below zero, Andrew was the only runner to reach the 40-mile checkpoint. In fact, he got turned around and ended up back at the starting line - spending almost 17 hours outside in freezing conditions. Sadly, his icy victory came at a price.

The prolonged exposure caused frostbite in parts of his feet, so Wells will have to have some lower extremities lopped off. But Andrews remains optimistic about his future, saying,There’s nothing I can do about it now. I can live a good life without toes.”

He’s probably just happy other extremities didn’t freeze off.

Packers Bikini Girls

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