Rumored Eva Longoria Sex Tape Rumored To Be Just Rumors

RUMORED EVA-TONY SEX TAPE RUMORED TO BE RUMORS: Gossip have been swirling fast & furious about the latest celebrity sex video to hit the Internets, with this tawdry tape featuring Eva Longoria and hubby Tony Parker:

Eva Longoria Tony Parker Wedding France

THE LONDON SUN has the dirty word that the “Desperate Housewives” star and the NBA Playoffs MVP made a video diary of their personal handchecking and backdoor plays and whatnot. And that risque reel is speeding through the Intertubes, mostly popping up on pay sites.However, AOL FANHOUSE hears that the tape is a fake. They report the viral video in question is just a marketing ploy by a celebrity video company, and the star is just a Longoria look-a-like.

But the worm turns yet again, as FUNNY OR DIE says they do have an exclusive sex tape of Eva - but without any assists from Tony:

Eva Longoria Fake Sex Tape

All this film foolery might make a good episode for a sexy ABC Sunday night drama. Or not.