Ruh Roh: Could Vick’s Reinstatement Be Today?

As Kay said in “Godfather II”: “I should have known that you were too clever for them, Michael.” The LOS ANGELES TIMES is reporting that Michael Vick may not have to wait until Week 6 to find out of he’s back in the NFL. He could be back today. To quote a great cartoon philosopher: “Zoinks!”

Michael Vick

Roger Goodell is reportedly preparing to huddle with the Philadelphia quarterback today, and could decide to set Vick free for the Eagles’ opener on Sept. 13 at Carolina. A dramatic turn of events from just, well, yesterday, when it was unclear if Goodell would let Vick play in any NFL Reindeer Games at all.

Of course, Goodell  might be telling Vick he’s not coming back until Week 6, or not at all. But the timing of that would be weird.

The guessing game will soon be over for Michael Vick.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell plans to meet today with the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and inform him when he will be fully reinstated, The Times has learned.

Vick is in the New York area for tonight’s exhibition finale against the Jets and is expected to start the second half of that game.

ESPN reported on Wednesday that Goodell would likely rule on Vick by Saturday, which is the league’s mandatory cutdown deadline to get to a 53-man roster. If Vick is in for the opener, that means someone has to be cut … so meet your new Detroit Lions backup quarterack, A.J. Feely!

Goodell will appear on Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Radio (Sirius 123/XM 144) in about an hour (3:30 p.m. ET), where he (may) talk about the situation.

Appearing last night on Mad Dog Radio was NBC’s Tony Dungy, Vick’s mentor/adviser.  Dungy told host Andy Gresh that Vick “has done everything the Commissioner has asked,” and that Dungy thinks Vick could be reinstated as soon as Week Two.

“I hadn’t had a whole, whole lot of dealings with the Commissioner before this,” Dungy said, “but he really has earned my respect with the way he’s handled this and what I’ve seen is a guy who, yeah, he cares about the National Football League and what Mike Vick the player is doing but he’s really gone above and beyond to help Mike Vick as a young man and I appreciate that.”

Vick will play tonight for the Eagles, getting multiple series as an every-down quarterback after Kevin Kolb exits the game.

So to recap, there are reports flying in all different directions as to when Vick would be reinstated — today, Friday, etc.  — but most agree it’s coming soon, and will be for the season opener in Carolina. Your move, PETA.

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