Rugby Team Strips Pride and Clothes in Lithuania

After a 48-0 drubbing by the Lithuanian national rugby team in their capitol of Vilnius over the weekend, the Austrian national rugby team put their heads together to think of a way to embarrass themselves further at one of the local alcohol-dispensing establishments. Of course, being rugby players, they thought of something: group nudity.

Austrian national rugby team strips

(Yes. Yes, they do. And much more, besides.)

And, thanks to an intrepid Lithuanian blogger, we have video. This one’s for the Ladies…. (Do not look at the video at work. Seriously. Don’t do it.)

The gentlemen of the Austrian squad break into a version of “Singin’ in the Rain” outside a Vilnius establishment that Stanley Doren and Gene Kelly never expected. Upon the completion of each verse, another layer of clothing disappears. On the last verse, once fully disrobed, the players commit a hand ball that would be illegal in soccer.

We especially like the four-year-old boy that stands six feet from the festivities and squats down with the robust singing, making it appear he’s taking a peek at the rather impressive package of men.

Two lessons, as always: don’t invade Austria and Vilnius really knows how to throw a party. We predict an immediate increase in tourism.

(By the way, the local police stated that the team probably broke some law or another, but the team was already out of the country by then. And after that 48-0 beatdown, do you think the Austrian team is in a hurry to go back?)