Ball-Grabbing Rugby Star Could Go All The Way

What is it about rugby players and violence? Just because they play a game that involves crashing into each other at ridiculous rates of speed with minimal head gear or pads, you would think it attracts a strange group of people.

Leon Pryce

Take Leon Pryce: the English star told THE SUN that he’ll be ready for this Saturday’s Challenge Cup finals at Wembley despite having to face assault charges next week.

Pryce is something of the bad boy of British rugby: he served a three-match ban for grabbing an opponent’s junk in the semifinals of last year’s tournament, and then was lucky to avoid further suspension after a similar incident against the same team.

Video of the first incident is after the jump, although it’s a bit repetitive.

Pryce and former teammate Stuart Reardon are charged with breaking into a house and then assaulting Reardon’s wife and “a man at the same address.”

I don’t know what the man and Reardon’s wife were doing together, but I’m guessing it wasn’t cross-stitching. And while there aren’t a lot of details about the nature of the alleged assault, judging by Pryce’s past history I’m guess the “other man” will be testifying in a soprano voice.

This is the difference between American and British athletes: the Brits still take the time to commit their own crimes, while the Americans have moved on to outsourcing their criminal deeds. I’m sure these two clowns could have hired someone to do the job for them professionally and thoroughly.

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