Rugby Players’ Sexual Exploits Now A Book Series

Think rugby is just a bunch of large, sometimes toothless men beating the crap out of each other and then going to the pub? Well, it is. But England’s Rugby Football Union wants you to know that the boys have a sensitive side, too.

Rugby romance novels

(Which is the more typical rugby guy?)

They’re so committed to it, that they’ve entered into a partnership with romance novel publisher Mills & Boon on a series of books aimed toward ladies who are tired of fantasizing about Russian princes and want to move on to burly athletes. It’s the RFU International Billionaires Series (billionaires? From rugby?), and excerpts are after the jump.

The GUARDIAN has the details of the first book:

The RFU International Billionaires series launches with The Prince’s Waitress Wife - in which one sex scene takes place in the president’s suite at Twickenham - on 1 February, just before the start of the RBS Six Nations Championships.

I don’t really know what that means, but I guess it’s the equivalent of getting it on in Bob Kraft’s suite with Tom Brady before the Super Bowl (admit it, Pats fans, you’ve all thought of it. And I’m talking about the dudes out there).

If you’re a rugby illiterate, don’t worry. There’s help for you:

“You don’t have to like rugby to like the books,” added Clare Somerville, Mills & Boon’s sales and marketing director. “They’ve got all the elements of a quintessential Mills & Boon romance: jet-set locations, hunky alpha male heroes and hot sex, but in a rugby context.”

Information on the rules of rugby for the non “rugby savvy”, along with tips on what to wear at matches, will also be included, she said.

Certainly, after reading this, you’ll be hooked. I believe this is an actual passage from The Prince’s Waitress Wife:

“Oh my God.” Her hand covered her mouth. She glanced at him in desperate panic. “They filmed me kissing you. And it’s up on the giant screens.” Her voice rose, her cheeks were scarlet, and her reluctant glance towards the stadium ended in a moan of disbelief. “Oh God, I can’t believe this … and my hair is all over the place and my bottom looks huge, and - everyone is looking.”

His eyes on the pitch, Prince Casper watched with cool detachment as his friend, the England captain, hit a post with a drop-goal attempt. “More importantly, you just cost England three points.”

Wait, is she with the prince or the rugby guy? You get three points for a drop kick? I need to know!

The next book in the series will be called The Ruthless Billionaire’s Virgin, which sounds like something that will involve an arrest, prison time, and a registry. According to Mills & Boon’s website, it’s going to be the 13th book they’ve published with the word “ruthless” in the title. I guess British women like their fantasy guys to be a little rough.