Rugby Player Pulls a Mike Tyson, Bites Opponent

If there is one rule all athletes should live by, it’s not “avoid cameras when you go out to the bar” (though that is a pretty solid rule). It’s this: Whatever you do, however frustrated or angry you become in the athletic competition in which you are competing, do not, under any circumstances, bite an opponent.

No one told that Olympic boxer from Tajikistan the rule, and you saw what happened. Someone should have told Welsh rugby player Gareth Jones the same “No Biting Whatsoever” rule. But he didn’t know, and now he’s gone and taken his opponent’s ear off.

From the BBC:

Flanker Gareth Jones, 25, of Cardiff side Star RFC allegedly attacked a player from the Rhiwbina team after the referee awarded them a penalty. Daniel Hobbs, 25, left the pitch with blood pouring down the side of his face and needed 20 stitches to reattach his earlobe, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

“Jones grabbed hold of his upper arm, lent forward and purposely bit him on the left ear without any justification. “This manner of violence has no place in a game of rugby or any other sport,” he said. “It is deeply unpleasant, totally unnecessary and entirely unlawful.”

Also: insane. He forgot to list insane. Because there is no other description for a person’s desire to bite another person’s ear off, regardless of the context. That’s insanity distilled.