Rugby Player Leaves 2 Year Old Daughter In Car In Brothel Parking Lot

RUGBY DAD SCRUMS TO SCUM FOR LEAVING CHILD IN CAR: Here’s your latest latest candidate for Father of the Year: An rugby player from Oregon was arrested for leaving his 2-year-old daughter alone in a car out in a parking lot.

In 95-degree weather.

Outside of a brothel.

Rugby Brotherl Dad

FOX NEWS reports Lucien Hoffman of Bend, OR, is being held on charges of child neglect after a security guard found a child crying in his car parked outside the Mustang Ranch in Nevada.

Hoffman left the kid to bake while he attended a cookout and pool party inside the brothel after a weekend rugby tournament held in Reno. When the security guards couldn’t find the child’s parents, they took her inside the brothel and called the Storey County Sheriff’s Office.

Hoffman remains in jail with a $40,000 bail, while his daughter was treated for dehyrdation and eventually returned to her biological mother, who wasn’t along on the trip or aware of Hoffman’s pit stop.

Mustang Ranch

The “World Famous” Mustang Ranch re-opened last month for the first time since 1999, when the IRS took over and closed Nevada’s largest brothel after the previous ownership was found guilty of tax fraud and racketeering.

Well, at least everyone now knows the Mustang is back in business. But this is publicity the risque ranch could have done without.