Rugby Foes Wear Same Color Uni’s During Game

Isn’t it embarrassing when you show up for an event and someone else is wearing the same thing? Well, such a fashion faux pas didn’t stop a couple of rugby teams from going forward with their game, as both squads knew that everything was gonna be all white.

rugby teams both wear white

Greg Growden of RUGBY HEAVEN tackles the tale of two teams, one color. When the Cheetahs of Bloemfontein, South Africa, hosted the Brumbies of Canberra, Australia, last Monday (Brumbies? What’s a Brumbie?), both teams came on the pitch wearing nearly-identical white jerseys.

The only noticeable difference between the two team’s uniforms (besides the corporate logo on the jerseys’ chests) was that the Brumbies wore darker shorts. Now this may not be that big of a problem if you’re watching the game closely from the sidelines, but it is an ordeal if you’re located in a farther-away stadium seat - or viewing the game at home on the telly.

As Growden tries to make sense of it all:

No, there’s no point making an optometrist’s appointment. No, it wasn’t the slab of beer you attacked before the game. Even those who were stone-motherless sober would have struggled to figure out what was going on. Through no fault of your own, you were actually seeing double. Seriously.

Even the referee was dumbfounded by the duplicate choice of team colors. Only three minutes into the game, he supposedly could be heard saying, “Someone’s got to change their jerseys at half-time. It’s ridiculous.”

It looked like the Cheetahs were going to oblige, as during halftime, the PA announcer said that the home team would switch to their alternate jerseys, “for the sake of rugby“. Yet when the Cheetahs came back out for the 2nd half, they were wearing the same clothes. So much for rugby’s sake.

The Cheetahs & Brumbies are part of the Super 14, a league made up of rugby clubs from South Africa, Australia & New Zealand. And the way you hear Growden talk about the tournament, this jersey jumble seems typical:

Maybe this is what we should expect from a tournament that seems to go out of its way not to be spectator-friendly. After all, you need to have degrees in animal husbandry, medieval history, military war, horticulture and meteorology just to work out what the Super 14 team names mean. Then you have to be a master of geography to work out which names goes with which team and which city they hail from.

And it’s not just team names that tick Greg off:

If you’re not already brain dead working all that out, there are then the laws to comprehend. The law book is so complicated that there are different variations being used all over the world, which causes such consternation that now and again everyone with an important title assembles to bicker at a conference, and rewrite it all over again. What follows are addendums and sub-sections that read like Supreme Court notices.

If Growden’s assessments are correct, we wouldn’t be surprised if the next Brumbies-Cheetahs showdown was played in the nude. A little something for the ladies, for sure. Luckily, us guys have the Lingerie Football League to watch instead.

(Oh, and a brumbie [spelt “brumby“] is a free-roaming feral horse found in the Australian Alps and parts of Queensland & the Northern Territory.  Now you know - and knowing’s half the battle!)