Dwight Howard Still Holy To Shoe-Buying Flock

The ORLANDO SENTINEL has the inevitable follow-up piece to noted theologian Dwight Howard having a child out of wedlock.

Howard, who has claimed to be devoutly religious his entire life, said when he was drafted, “Character has been in me, the way I am. I’m not going to change because I have money.

Dwight Howard and son

More: “He has spoken often about converting as many NBA players as possible to his Christian faith and typically signs the phrase ‘God Bless’ alongside his autograph. During last year’s NBA All-Star Game slam dunk contest, Howard slapped a sticker with a picture of his smiling face on the backboard while dunking the ball. The sticker had the hand-written phrase, ‘All things through Christ.’ Phil. 4:13.

One thing we know is that Howard’s behavior is like the majority of NBA players, so nothing will likely change on the endorsement front. But what of his devoted religious flock? How do they feel about him and his Baby Momma? (We feel GREAT, after seeing her amazing photos:)

Royce Reed Dwight Howard Baby Momma

(Royce Reed - Oh, momma!)

They apparently don’t give a damn. Del Wright, region director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes: “The way Dwight is now accepting of his actions gives him a new platform for restoring the confidence of his friends and many fans. We are praying daily that he will be successful in doing just that.

The good news for Dwight is that the Christian faith is based on forgiveness. Obviously if he is contrite about it, then those folks would be forgiving.”

Thank God the rules of non-celebrity athletes don’t apply to Howard, ‘else the bible-thumpers would stop buying his shoes. Phew!