Royals’ ‘Outfield Experience’ Fun For Entire Family

We knew that Kauffman Stadium’s ‘Outfield Experience’ included a jaunty carousel and miniature ballpark for the kids, but no one mentioned the screaming, profane parents and bloody fisticuffs. Leave it to the Royals to go the extra mile for their fans.

You’ve got to love a major league ballpark children’s area that includes a triage tent. The fun occurred on Sunday, as several Royals’ fans engaged in an all-out brawl in the ‘Little K’ children’s area of the stadium, touched off, apparently, when one mother walked in front of another mom who was trying to take a picture of her child. Merriment then ensued.


Police arrested James T. Mela, 37, of Independence and Ronika L. Brooks, 33, of Kansas City for city ordinance violations. Police cited Mela for allegedly spitting in Brooks’ face. Police cited Brooks for allegedly kicking Mela’s wife as she lay on the ground.

According to police, the fracas began when Mela’s wife was trying to take a photograph of her child. Brooks walked in front of the camera, causing Mela’s wife to utter an expletive.

What happened next is in dispute. Mela’s wife said Brooks and several men began assaulting her and her husband.

Mela’s wife called one of her relatives a racial slur and that Mela spit in her face, which prompted the fight. Brooks reportedly said Mela’s wife fell to the ground and she started kicking her. An independent witness told police she saw Mela and Brooks arguing and then three men started attacking Mela, knocking him to the ground. She said Mela stood up and spit in Brooks’ face, prompting the men to again punch him and stomp on his head.

Officers arrived in time to see Brooks kicking Mela’s wife and shouting expletives. Police asked Brooks to keep quiet because of all the children around, but she “would not calm down,” according to a police report. Police removed her from the area while other officers “calmed the situation.”

Then there’s this account from Fox 4 in Kansas City:

A parent, Laura Phipps, said her 9-year-old daughter, Amber, went down the slide as four grown men were wrestling around at the bottom, throwing punches.

“As Amber is on the ground, her feet get intertwined with whatever is going on down there. She falls, hits her knee, and crawls away crying. Parents are going everywhere, looking for kids. Kids getting knocked down,” said Phipps.

So far that’s just a typical Memorial Day for me. But the difference is that I make sure to have plenty of armed security at my family outings; the Royals, apparently, were very slow to respond to the fight, and when security and cops finally did arrive, they didn’t seem too anxious to arrest anyone. A blogger named Amy was on the scene and wrote about what she saw:

crazy s[—] is the only way to describe it. crazy and shocking for a girl born down on the streets of 56th and brookside. we don’t often see that kind of crazy down where i’m from.

security was non-existent in the children’s area at the k - except for two female retirees. yes, i later learned there were two employees standing there close to me. dang, i didn’t even know they were employees until things died down and i saw their logo apparel.

Looks like this event is coming a little too late.

Because of this unfortunate display, I think some truth-in-advertising rebranding is in order. Welcome, from here on out, to the George Brett Unlimited Expletives And Bloody Jungle Gym Experience.

Here’s the police report, if you’re so inclined.