Royals Infielder Spends Night In The Drunk Tank

Not devastating for Brooks’ favorite MLB team, but still notable: Kansas City Royals utility infielder Alberto Callaspo spent early Friday morning in jail after getting picked up for driving under the influence by the University of Missouri-Kansas City campus police.

Alberto Callaspo

The KANSAS CITY STAR notes that Callaspo was out by 10 A.M. yesterday, and available to play against the Cardinals this weekend. Aside from the usual platitudes about regrettable actions by GM Dayton Moore and manager Trey Hillman, the reports are missing some crucial bits — this isn’t Callaspo’s first run-in with the law, nor is it his most serious.

Callaspo came to KC from the Arizona Diamondbacks, where you may recall that he was arrested and accused of abusing his wife (eventually winding up the restricted list without pay) and it probably contributed to his being dealt to the Royals for a fresh start. So much for that.

Teams have individual standards for discipline in these situations, and that’s fine, but you wonder what would happen to Callaspo if Roger Goodell ran MLB instead of Bud Selig. (Then again, the MLBPA was and is 100 times stronger than the NFLPA is right now.)