Royals’ Jose Guillen Almost Decks Loudmouth Fan

If you just read the headline “Guillen Restrained From Attacking Heckler” you would probably assume that the Ozzie Guillen finally ran into Jay Mariotti and went nuts. But that wasn’t the case on Tuesday night - it was the Kansas City Royals’ Jose Guillen who had to be stopped from pounding on some lippy fan.

The KANSAS CITY STAR reports that the trouble started after Guillen only managed a single on a shot off the left field wall in the second inning. Things came to a head in the fourth inning after Guillen flied out. But before you think that it’s just another case of a player being too thin-skinned, listen to Guillen’s side of the story:

“But the (next) at-bat, when I hit the ball to left field, he said the magic words. Something personal about my family. I don’t deal well with that. That’s enough right there.”

While I don’t know exactly what the “magic words” were, I’m guessing they weren’t “Ala Kazaam” and frankly, if someone said what I think that fan said about my wife or kids…there’s a good chance I’d do everything in my power to make sure he was picking teeth of of his stool for a week. (More honestly, I’d probably start crying, but it felt good to act manly and tough for a second.)

Does Jose Guillen deserve to be heckled? Maybe: he is hitting .250 after signing a $12 million a year contract in the off-season and has one extra base hit in his last 14 games. But going after a player’s family? Bush league. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that a player has gone after a fan in the stands about something involving his family, and it probably won’t be the last.

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