KC Baseball Calendar A Royal Treat For The Ladies

It’s great to see the Kansas City Royals start the season on a hot streak. And now the KC ladies can hang some of that hotness on their home walls.

Kansas City Royals calendar guys

Sam Mellinger of the KC STAR’s BALL STAR blog comes across a calendar featuring the buff boys of your 2008 Royals. But don’t get too worried or too jealous, fellas - the monthly-featured men are presented in the classic casual style. Meaning - no speedos. But maybe next year.

The calendars are being sold through Royals Charities for $10, with all proceeds going toward the T.A.K.E. program for women’s self-defense. So, gals, it’s a win-win situation!

If 12 months of these Royal hunks aren’t enough, the team’s website also offers up some additional galleries of photo shoot outtakes. But the calendars themselves are sure to become keepsakes, even if the Royals finish 3-159.

Brandon Duckworth Kansas City Royals

Those Lands’ End losers, Eddie Bauer buffoons and Ambercrombie & Fitch bitches have nothing on Brandon Duckworth. Quack attack, indeed!