Roy Williams Has Lost His Football Dropping Mind

I spent the early part of my Sunday afternoon watching the Chicago Bears destroy the Detroit Lions 34-7 at Ford Field yesterday.   Since I’m a Bears fan, I enjoyed every single minute of it, but at the same time, I felt a little guilty about it.   You see, the Lions are just really, really, really bad.  Would you be proud of your son after finding out he beat up that poor kid with Down Syndrome at school?  That’s kind of what this one started to feel like after a while.

During the game, it became pretty obvious that Lions receiver Roy Williams was not enjoying himself.   When he wasn’t dropping passes or barely making an attempt to catch balls thrown his way, Roy could be seen on the sidelines sulking.   It got to the point where I honestly wondered if he was going to commit suicide on the bench.   He didn’t kill himself, but I think he tried.   He had to have taken a lot of drugs to start talking the way he did after the game.


“We’re getting slaughtered,” Roy Williams said. “That’s what hurts.”

That’s what happens when you hire a defensive-line coach with no previous head-coaching experience on any level to come in here and turn this horrible franchise around. Hiring Marinelli was totally unrealistic, a huge mistake.

Players said they still believe in Marinelli’s message. “I believe in miracles,” Williams said. “We can still go 12-4.”

Yes, and Jessica Simpson could win a Grammy and an Oscar in the same year.  George W. Bush could win the Nobel Peace Prize.  I could end up marrying an SbB girl.   Lots of things could happen in this world, but the overwhelming majority of them won’t.

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that all the years of losing in Detroit is starting to drive the players insane.