RoyWill: The Second-Closest I’ve Been To Divorce

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams is making it up to Tar Heel fans upset about his rooting his former team - y’know, the one that beat them in the Final Four - by forgoing his vacation in Europe with his family to attend a recruiting event, TARHEELBLUE.COM reveals.

Roy Williams Kansas Sticker On Sweater

The younger Williams moved to London last year, and until the Final Four the father and son hadn’t seen each other since Christmas. For Roy Williams, going over three months without seeing his son qualifies as an eternity.

“Telling my wife I had to cancel our trip to Europe is probably the second-closest I’ve ever been to divorce,” the head coach said on Wednesday. “But I missed three days of recruiting last week because our team was preparing to go to the Final Four. I didn’t feel like I could miss three days next week, too. I need to be out recruiting that Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.”

No mention of what the closest he ever was to divorce. Perhaps the time he said he “could give a sh*t” about his wife’s three bean cassarole then ate the whole thing anyway. That’s vacillating Roy Williams, for you.

On Saturday, his team suffered an 84-66 defeat to Kansas in the Final Four. It was easily Williams’s largest margin of defeat ever in the NCAA Tournament.

“The next morning, the first day that there’s no practice and no game, that’s the worst day of your life that doesn’t have something to do with an illness in your family,” he says. “You feel lost. You’ve gotten close, but you didn’t realize your dream.”

Nice that the only time he wants to be around his family is when they’re dying. Preferably a quick death. There are more Psycho T’s to get commitments from.

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