Roy Jones Admits He Fights, Practices With, Dogs

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS today has outspoken Michael Vick supporter Roy Jones, Jr., admitting that he has allowed his pit bulls to fight on his property in Florida.

Roy Jones Knicks Practice

Jones, who had the nonsensical idea of promoting his upcoming fight with Felix Trinidad by practicing with the New York Knicks Friday, said, “I was (letting them fight) to a degree, but not like that serious. I just let my dogs get down five, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Maybe like the longest I let them go was a half-hour, but I never let them fight to the death ’cause I can’t take that. I knew about it, but I wasn’t going to take it that seriously. I couldn’t see my dogs fight to the death ’cause they were too close of friends to me.

Coincidentally, Isiah Thomas said the same thing about the Knicks’ after practice.

The deputy manager of animal fighting issues for the Humane Society of the United States, John Goodwin, told the D-N that it us a felony under Florida law to allow dogs to fight on one’s property.

Goodwin: “If you put your dogs down there for 10, 15 minutes, that’s a felony in Florida. If he’s admitting that he’s fighting his dogs, then they need to go down there with a search warrant and confiscate those dogs.