Rovell Reports Cost Of Eliminating Las Vegas NBA Betting Only Six Million Dollars

COST OF ELIMINATING VEGAS NBA BETTING? JUST $6M: David Stern in the past has been adamant about not locating a NBA franchise in Las Vegas because of the local betting action on the games.

Darren Rovell of CNBC explains that taking all 2,400 games off the Las Vegas sportsbook boards isn’t nearly as costly as we all might think.

NBA Las Vegas Sportsbook

Rovell: “It’s actually ridiculously easy to figure out, but I backed myself up by dialing up two sports book directors at reputable Las Vegas sports books. Sports betting is a $2 billion annual business and the NBA makes up about 10 percent of that, so that’s $200 million.

The hold percentage, which is what the house wins, is about 3 percent of that, so that’s $6 million and that’s gross revenues before expenses. If you want to count the juice, you can pile on $20 million, but the two guys I spoke to said the $6 million was the more important figure.

So in other words, for the cost of a backup small forward on the Atlanta Hawks, the NBA could eliminate local betting on league games.

Or a one-night payout at a Las Vegas strip club.