Stealth Videos Of Pete Rose’s Girlfriend Surface

Since I posted the first hot shots of Pete Rose’s nudie model girlfriend “Kiana Kim earlier today, I’ve dug up some more details on what she’s been doing lately - and some formerly stealth video footage of her.

Kiana Kim Pete Rose Girlfriend Video Photos Pictures Playboy

Recently she’s been appearing in exercise videos on KNBC-TV here in L.A. as “Kathy Kim.” She’s also recently made her acting debut in a commercial for a video game accessory company.

Add her upcoming Playboy nude pictorial and she’s well on her way to a prestigious show business career, meaning she can quit her two real jobs and escape her old, real name forever.

I can now confirm that Kiana Kim isn’t her real name. (Shocked! I know.) The most I’ll tell you is that Kathy is indeed her given first name, and Kim is not her last name.

She has worked as a real estate agent in the past for a company based outside of Los Angeles and she’s cut hair at a Fantastic Sam’s in that same area. (Rose hair card already played out long ago. Play it yourself.)

Kiana Kim Pete Rose Girlfriend Video Photos Pictures Playboy

That’s all I’m going to reveal about “Kathy,” and I wish her nothing but the best in her quest to escape Rose’s mud hooks become a import tuner show business legend.