Ropin’ Up Some Fun At The Auburn Student Rodeo

Quite a tumultuous offseason for Auburn Tigers football. After a dismal 5-7 year (including a loss to Vanderbilt for the first time since 1955), Tommy Tuberville was let go, and Iowa State’s Gene Chizik was brought in - a move not too many people were pleased with.

Auburn mascot rodeo horse

So with spring football in the air, and an unsure football future on the Plains, how can Auburn students find an escape from all the uncertainty? With a rodeo, of course!

FRIENDS OF THE PROGRAM took a trip to the SEC school’s annual Alpha Psi Rodeo, apparently held behind a local business known as the Good Ol’ Boys Restaurant, and lassoes up & hogties this stunning audio-visual experience:

Things were looking good at the onset. Check out the chick on the right with the beer holster. And check out the click on the left just because:

Auburn Rodeo

But soon it was off to the rodeo ring, where this gal rides some bull:

Bull, indeed.

But there were also other activities, like the 100-yard port-a-potty dash:

If the NCAA ever finds out about those confederate flags, forget about Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum hosting any future regionals:

Auburn Rodeo

Here, Larry The Cable Guy helps dispense refreshments:

Auburn Rodeo

Good, clean, healthy, wholesome fun for all!

Auburn Rodeo