Blog-O-Ronaldo: Soccer Star Splits From Gal Pal

• WITH LEATHER is saddened to see soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and model Nereida Gallardo flushing their relationship down the drain.

Cristiano Ronaldo Nereida Gallardo

• JALOPNIK (via 850 THE BUZZ) drives up word that Barack Obama won’t be sponsoring a NASCAR vehicle, after all.

• TRIPLE TRI BLOG finds LSU already talking some shirt smack before their season opener with Appalachian State.

• DEADSPIN tees up Charles Barkley comparing his golf game to blogs: “I don’t know what a blog is, but it don’t sound good.”

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY suggests fans put on the top hat & tails for the Duke-Vanderbilt “Billionaires Bowl“.

• We toast HOME RUN DERBY (the blog) for coming up with yet another Home Run Derby (the event) drinking game.

• Meanwhile, NEXTROUND.NET is driven to drink by what your girlfriend will probably say during the Derby.

• WITH MALICE isn’t pleased with MLB’s encouragement of stuffing ballot boxes for the All-Star Game.