Ronaldinho Rumored To Move To Chelsea Despite 170 Million Dollar Buyout Clause

WANT RONALDINHO? HE’LL ONLY COST YOU $170,000,000: As we try to grasp the $30M+ per year contract ARod is sure to soon garner, consider this report today from the LONDON TELEGRAPH about Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho - who plays for FC Barcelona: “Ronaldinho was last night linked with a startling move to Chelsea after his brother was reportedly in talks with Stamford Bridge owner Roman Abramovich.

Kobe Bryant Ronaldinho

The rub: If the Russian oil tyrant tycoon Abramovich wants to sign Ronaldinho, he’ll first have to pony up over $170,000,000 to buy out his contract.

We’re going to a Barca game next month and will be feeling the Blues if the horse-toothed one isn’t kitted-out.