Ron Artest Pumps Iron On Venice Beach w/Vixens

When we last checked up on Ron Artest, the latest Lakers star was hitting a Hong Kong amusement park with aspiring Chinese singer Shin Shin in tow, and adding his own amusement by reenacting his famous Malice In The Palace. Of course, in order to be able to pull off such moves on a moment’s notice, a man needs to stay in shape. So Ron Ron took a trip to Venice Beach to lift a a few weights.

Ron Artest Venice Beach

And just to play it safe, he was accompanied by three scantily-clad spotters. He was also joined by this spandex-sporting lass on the next bench over:

Venice Beach exercise woman

She was probably was there for additional moral support. Anyway, video of Ron’s full workout after the jump.

Ok, so it wasn’t a full workout, but I bet some of our readers’ hearts are racing pretty fast - thanks to the supporting females featured. Shame that the cameraman had the put widescreen effect on sideways.

(Thanks to LAKERSGROUND for the tipoff.)