Romo Now Ready To Marry College Sweetheart?!

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER confirms today that Tony Romo has indeed split with Jessica Simpson, and is now planning to “propose” to a woman named Crystal Kasper.

Crystal Kasper Photos Tony Romo Girlfriend

Enquirer Source: “If you could see Tony’s phone bill from all the calls and text messages he sends Crystal, you’d be stunned. They couldn’t hook up much during the season. She was finishing her doctoral studies in Florida. But I know Tony flew Chicago where they spent time together.

“Tony’s family is happy because he’s dumped Jessica and the Hollywood scene. Tony’s folks thought Jessica was just using him for publicity since her career has been on a downslide.”

Ms. Kasper apparently dated Romo during his college days at Eastern Illinois. She also attended Indiana University. And a quick internet image search found photos of a “Crystal Kasper” who models Venus swimwear.

We’re not suggesting the photos are her, but it is an interesting coincidence.

Crystal Kasper Photos Tony Romo Girlfriend

More from the Enquirer: “Tony is now having a $1.4 million lakeside home built in Crystal’s hometown of Burlington, Wisconsin, and he hopes to share it with the twenty-five year old optometrist. There’s going to be a housewarming on Valentine’s Day, and Tony’s flying Crystal in. That’s when he’s set to propose.”

If you’re Kasper, and you observe Romo romping with Simpson all this time, wouldn’t you be a bit averse to next seeing Tony on bended knee in front of you? (Note to self: Become failed NFL playoff QB to rake in all the former college babies you bedded)