Romanian Press Milks Simona For All She’s Worth

Last week, in trying figure out why 17-year-old Romanian tennis pro Simona Halep was in such a hurry to get a breast reduction, I examined the European press coverage of her dilemma.

Simona Halep Hooters Reduced To Sesame Street Sound FX By Romanian TV

(Stay Classy, Transylvania)

After discovering my post and the pix I posted of Halep in late April, overseas media predictably went hog-wild over her oft-heaving hooters. From that, I concluded that Halep’s haste was somewhat-based on the uncomfortable coverage by the regional press.

Simona Halep Ripped Apart By European Press For Breast Reduction

(With That Hed, Next Rupert Murdoch Acquisition?)

That was before I recently saw a video piece from Romanian television about her enormo torpedoes. I’m now utterly convinced that it was embarrassing media attention in Halep’s home country that sped the demise of her once-titanic top shelf.

Simona Halep Serena Williams Monster Tennis Boobs

(Got Shutter Speed?)

Aforementioned video after the jump. (Richter scale-proof browsers suggested.)

In the piece, Halep haplessly attempts to calmly makes the case for having her boobs reduced. The video production that followed was then an amusing cacophony of closeups, slo-mo and Sesame Street sound FX.

Now normally I wouldn’t complain about something like that, but I have no doubt that the brazen presentation caused Halep to subsequently have her natural wonders strip-mined by an unfeeling man of medicine. (OK, maybe unfeeling is the wrong word.)

Alas, I do feel somewhat responsible for this happening, as my post in late April was picked up in zeal by the European press, who then hounded Halep incessantly until her breasts were drop-shotted by a falling knife.

Moreover, what bothers me most is that she’s still only 17(!) and from a backwater Eastern European state. If she was a little older, and wasn’t Borat-land born and bred, she might’ve still be living Large.