Rollback Tide? BCS Trophy Displayed At Wal-Mart

If you hurry you can still get in line to see the BCS Championship Trophy down at the Tuscaloosa, Ala., Wal-Mart, where it will be on display today for the masses who will also appreciate the store’s low, low prices on trucker caps and plastic dinnerware. It’s part of a mini-tour that will also find the trophy at the Gardendale, Ala., Wal-Mart on Sunday, before it heads to the University of Alabama campus for good. One oogle per customer, please.

WalMart trophy

Anyway, too bad nobody wanted to see it. Here’s a twitpic of the line today to view the trophy … wait, do I detect shoplifting occurring in aisle seven? Call security! It’s a madhouse, as you can see.

This is believed to be the first time that Waterford Crystal has made an appearance in a Wal-Mart, and it’s certainly going to be the only $30,000 item in the store. It’s actually a fitting metaphor: Both the Alabama football program and Wal-Mart are giant corporations whom many believe to be too big for their own good. Also Lou Saban has all the charm of a Wal-Mart clerk.

Actually, it’s called the Dr. Pepper BCS Championship Trophy, and that company decides where it will take its tour before the winning school gets it. Alltel got to display it when Florida won the national title, and LSU showed theirs at several Verizon locations, plus two Chevy dealerships. What better way to show the youth of America that large corporations make the world go ’round? Thank you, amateur athletes, for making more money for the Wal-Mart Corporation (where many of you will be working in the future, no doubt).

The BCS Wal-Mart Tour is a big hit on Twitter. Some examples:

  • RT @blakeleyroberts: BCS National Championship Trophy to be displayed at Tuscaloosa WAL MART./ bahaha classy!
  • BCS trophy is at the Tuscaloosa Wal-Mart. If course they have to display it in the MOST redneck part of town!
  • Alabama to display BCS Trophy at ALabama cultural hub… Wal-mart.

Of course the trophy would have been at Wal-Mart this year no matter which school had won it … it’s just kind of fortunate, for the sake of comedy, that it happened to be Alabama.