Rogue Booster’s Photo: “Trent at the new home!”

Disassociated Alabama booster Tom Al-Betar posted the below photo of Alabama football star Trent Richardson to his now-deleted Facebook page on February 11, 2011:

Trent Richardson at the new home

The description of the photo on Al-Betar’s Facebook page read, “Trent and his new Dog at the new home!

That caption was followed by a comment by Al-Betar which noted of Richardson, “Mr. big # have new dig.

Trent Richardson Katrina Richardson and Tom Al-Betar at T-Town Menswear

On the same day Al-Betar uploaded that photo to his defunct Facebook page, he posted a photo of Trent Richardson’s mother and the Crimson Tide running back’s two daughters with the photo description: “Trent and he’s Momm and kids dinner 2 days ago having fun with my boy.

Richardson and/or his likeness has now been seen in subsequently-deleted Facebook photographs posted by Al-Betar:

1) In the above picture in which Al-Betar describes Richardson as being “at the new home!

2) Inside Al-Betar’s T-Town Menswear store in Tuscaloosa repeatedly signing items used by Al-Betar as promotional store displays.

3) Inside Al-Betar’s T-Town Menswear store in Tuscaloosa signing multiple personalized memorabilia items for Al-Betar - some of which matched items for sale at an online auction site and a Birmingham mall kiosk.

4) Inside Al-Betar’s T-Town Menswear store in Tuscaloosa being fitted for - and picking up - new suits.

5) Out to dinner with Al-Betar on at least four different occasions. (Including at his own birthday party.)

And don’t forget Al-Betar confirming on video that he sells Alabama memorabilia inside his T-Town Menswear store - while standing in front of a storefront sign which reads, “‘Bama memorabilia DISPLAY ONLY NOT FOR SALE.

With the photo-documented evidence of Richardson’s relationship with Al-Betar, court records of Richardson mother Katrina’s rental car-fueled 2010 move to Alabama, Richardson’s adoptive brother confirmed as member of the 2009 Brooks (AL) High School football team and now the “new home” photo posted by disassociated booster Al-Betar, might it be time for NCAA rules enforcement investigators to seek some answers from the University of Alabama?

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