Audio: Rogers Claims Cam’s Dad Asked For Cash

Former Mississippi State football player Kenny Rogers, who last week reportedly was alleged to have been involved in soliciting money on behalf of Cam Newton and father Cecil Newton to play college football for Misssissippi State, appeared on KESN-FM in Dallas today.

Cam Newton

During an interview with KESN host Ian Fitzsimmons, Rogers said that Cecil Newton told him on Nov. 27, 2009, how much money it would require to get his son to sign a letter of intent with a school.

Dallas KESN-FM host Ian Fitzsimmons to Rogers during today’s interview: “Did he (Cecil Newton) tell you flat out, ‘this is what it’s going to take for any school to get my son to sign a letter of intent and go play for them?‘”

Rogers: “Yes he did.

Fitzsimmons: “How much was it?

Rogers: “Anywhere between a hundred and a hundred and eighty thousand.”

Fitzsimmons: “To go play college football, to sign a letter of intent?

Rogers: “Basically to get his son.

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