Rogers: No Contact With John Bond For ‘20 Years’

Last December, former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond reported to the school that his former teammate at MSU, Kenny Rogers, had contacted him and identified himself as a representative of quarterback prospect Cameron Newton.

Cam Newton

Bond also alleged to Mississippi State officials that Rogers told him Newton would need to be paid $180,000 in order to sign to play football for the school. The NCAA has since reportedly began an investigation into Bond’s claims.

Both Bond and Rogers appeared on radio shows Friday to discuss the alleged impropriety involving the recruitment of Newton.  During their separate, on-air appearances, the former Mississippi State football teammates had distinctly different accounts of the exchange Bond claims took place between the two in December.

Appearing on WCNN’s Buck & Kincade show in Atlanta, Bond was asked whether Rogers approached him about Mississippi State paying for Cam Newton’s services:

Actually, there two people in between it but, basically, yes, that’s what happened.

On his relationship with Rogers before he was contacted about Newton:

I hadn’t heard from him in 30 years. I hadn’t heard from him, I guess, in 28 years or whenever the last time we played.

Rogers meanwhile had a remarkably different account of what happened between the two.

When asked when the last time he talked to John Bond was, Rogers told KESN-FM radio in Dallas Friday:

I have not talked to John (Bond) or seen John in over probably 20 years or more. Probably 20 years or more I have not talked to John or seen John. 

When asked why his name then came up, Rogers said:

I have no idea where my name came up in this. I was at the game, I had been talking to Mr. Newton, because he had been asking about Mississippi State. And I was telling him. He was asking about the culture of Mississippi State because that’s a small town. We would just talk back and forth about Mississippi State.

But I have no idea. I’m just assuming because I was there with him and I was talking with him. I had never met Dan Mullen before. So when I was there that night, actually Mr. Newton introduced me to Dan. So that was my first time meeting coach Mullen in person. So I have no idea how my name jumped out there.

When asked if he had any contact with Auburn, Rogers said:

No. No. No. None at all. None at all.

Rogers on his job description:

I help kids get in school. The only thing I was doing is just like every other kid. Cam Newton left Florida, I would try to get in touch with that kid. When I see a name go across the screen, I try to get in touch with that kid to see if he has any opportunities to see if I can help him. That’s pretty much it. That’s how I do things with the kids. The parents will call me and say, ‘Well, I’ve got a kid.’ OK. I get some film. I look at the film to see what I can do. I let them know what level I think they can play on and then we go from there.

More Rogers:

These last few days (exhales), that’s hard to explain. Especially in the state of Alabama, because that’s where I’m from. So that really hurt me. That hurt me bad right there.

Obviously, between Bond and Rogers, somebody is lying.

Before the Newton recruiting allegation against Rogers, NFL agent Ian Greengross confirmed that Rogers may have posed as an NFLPA employee to try to convince players to hire him.

Also Friday, the NFL Players Association’s committee on agent regulation and discipline issued a disciplinary complaint against Greengross for “violating numberous provisions of the NFLPA’s agent regulations while recruiting and representing players, and for the actions of his recruiter, Kenny Rogers.